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 Almighty Mu | Exp: 9999x | Drop: 100% | Ver: 1.02c |

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Prisijungimo data : 2011-03-05

RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Almighty Mu | Exp: 9999x | Drop: 100% | Ver: 1.02c |   Št. 03 05, 2011 5:35 pm

I heard this story when I was a little boy. It was cold, starry night, the moon was full. I sat with my great-grandfather at campfire. He looked at me with penetrating eyes. His white, long beard swayed with a gust of wind. He was wearing a brown leather hat in his hand he held a long wooden stick which is his underpin. He took a long sip of beer and told me: "Young man, you want to hear the story that accompanied our family for centuries?" I replied briefly: "Yes." Then my great-grandfather began: "A long time ago when I was such a little boy like you, my grandfather told me this story. It lasts for as long as our family and tells the story of a powerful warrior who wore once nicknamed the Almighty Lord. He was superhuman, Kundun's right hand. He led his troops into battle and with his hand killed many of the elect. After a great, winning battle at the beginning of the evil fortress CryWolf conducted under the leadership of Dark Lord, he was cold the Almighty. Lord that he deserves something more than being a servant of Kundun. He decided to weave conspiracy. Under the pretext of searching for a missing artifact that allowed former dominion over the elements fire and water went along with Kundun exploration of land called Kali. there saying: "Your time has come to an end, Kundun." provoked a great battle of the titans. .. Unfortunately, after a fierce fight, Kundun was the winner and decided to imprison the full wrath of the Lord, in Kalima. " Great-grandfather at the end of his story, said with barbarous accent a few archaic words which, unfortunately, did not understand then dopowiedział: "Young man .., the person who betrayed Kundun was released twelve nights ago by the four heroeses. Dark Lord promised revenge on the beast. He decided to join the four chosen and fight with them shoulder to shoulder, to the glory of good. Very soon our land may be completely free from evil. Let us hope that it was once known as the all-powerful person who is able to tilt the tide on our site and to fulfill the prophecy. " I hope that my great-grandfather was right and we still have a chance to win in this never-ending battle ..


Name Server: Almighty MuOnline
Version: 1.02c
Max il. Players Online: 200
Hours: 24 / 7
Dedicated Server: A computer server at a specially crafted.

IP: To enter the game almighty.exe
Port: To enter the game almighty.exe

Site: Mu-Online.pl
Forum: Forum.Mu-Online.pl


Exp: 9999x
Drop: 100%
Mobs HP: 100%
Elf Buff: up to 300 lvl.
Reset: lvl 400, paid 50 million zen, statistics are.
Grandreset: perform a reset to 200, a reward for the selected item is GR 11 4 3 selections (luck we give for free). Applications for GR make in the server in the appropriate forum topic.
Events: Occasionally.
Zen Party Bug: Yes.
Potion Bug: Yes.
Shadow Bug: Yes.
Guild: 300 lvl.
Guild Ally: 3 members.
MG: 220 lvl.
DL: 250 lvl.
Max level Item: 13 28.
Deleting Characters: 40 lvl.
Hearts etc [Box of Heaven] and with the good items are not exe and jewels.

Arena is from 300 lvl.
The party increased exp.


/ post, 50 lvl, paid 25 million zen.
/ addstat, 1 lvl, paid a symbolic 100,000 zen.
/ online
/ time


Normal / + Marlon Quest

Wizzard: 5 / 6
Knight: 5 / 6
Elf: 5 / 6
Magic Gladiator: 7
Dark Lord: 7


Bless: 100%
Soul: 70%
Soul + luck: 85%
Life: 95%


10 - 50% | | 75% + luck
11 - 45% | | 70% + luck
12 - 45% | | 70% + luck
13 - 45% | | 70% + luck


Bless: None at the store.
Soul: None at the store.
Chaos: None at the store.
Life: None at the store.
Creation: None at the store.


Invasion Time: every 3 hours.

Golden mobs are slightly curled.

Golden Goblin: 10
Golden Taikan: 10
Golden Dragon: 10
Golden Lizard: 10
Golden Tantalos: 10

New Items (Dark Knight, Venom, Volcano, Iris, Bone Blade, etc flying from the sides +5).


Two spots to budge dragoons at the lower output.
8 spots with shells at the right exit
Three spots with shells at the upper output

1 spot with the goblins at the left / upper output
Two spots with stone golems at the left / upper output
A spot of stone golems at the right exit

Three spots with the right exit wormami
1 spot with the elite yeti the right output
Three spots of the elite yeti at the left exit
Three spots of the elite yeti in the right of the castle
Two spots of the elite yeti in the left of the castle

Three spots with the death cow

Four spots with the death knight
A spot of death gorgons

Cages filled with spots of different moobami + path around the stage where there is a lot of spots with alpha crustami.

Moobs Quantity of 6-8.


Lorencia: Skills, DP 11 and equivalents + wings level 1
Noria: Arrows, skills, and weak for an elf outfit.
Davias: Dragon, Legendary, and equivalents.


Blood Castle: YES
Chaos Castle: YES
Devil Square: YES
Castle Siege: YES
Cry Wolf: YES
Kanturu Ruin: YES
White Wizzard: YES
LorenValley Invasion: YES
Red Dragon Invasion: YES
Skeleton Invasion: YES



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Almighty Mu | Exp: 9999x | Drop: 100% | Ver: 1.02c |
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