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 Eternal War Network X | Exp: 100x | Drop: 25% | Season 6 Episode 2 |

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Eternal War Network X | Exp: 100x | Drop: 25% | Season 6 Episode 2 |   Št. 02 19, 2011 2:58 pm

Eternal War Network


*notice : This is a beta stage ,all accounts and items going to be deleted but those who will play at beta will win tiny reward once beta stage is over.

Server Start 18.03.2011

Small gifts in thanks for help in testing:
The player who finds the most bugs will receive a 50$ from us, after end of tests
Player who will be top1 in Reset ranking will recive 20$
Player who get most contribution points will recive 20$

Server Info
Server Name: X a'ka Eternal War Network X
Exp: 100x
Version : Season 6 episode 2
Dedicated server 24/7
Drops: 25%
Guild: 200 lvl
Gens: 50lvl
Keep stats after reset : No [more information about reset system is displayed at the bottom]

Rage fighter: 150lvl
Magic Gladiator: 200lvl
Dark Lord: 250lvl


Custom socket system:
-Now any item can have's socket slots - for example vine gloves can be + 2 socket slots, like in diablo 2
-Seed sphere's drops from every monster, like in diablo 2
-Ancient items can't get socket slots
-You can combinate 3x sphere 1llv, to 1 sphere 2 lvl, 3x sphere 2lvl to 1 sphere 3 lvl - etc, like in diablo 2, to do this u have go to npc Artemis in loren market, and click trade.
-Seed and sphere cant be combinated into seed sphere, seed sphere you can get only from drop, quest or player.

New events:
-eternal war golden hour
-lunar rabbit
-scarry event
-Sunshine event
-Evil santa event
and many more

new items:
We have some new items, like Crystal Pendants, Kalima kal-teuseok, eternal box, Eternal-Dust, New set for energy elf, new set for energy magic gladiator and many more

Custom quests:
New 100 custom quests maded by us (old quests was deleted), better than webzens quests becouse we create this quests corretly for 100x exp, not global mu 2x -.-'

Custom drops, and Monster Stats - Monsters are much stronger now!

New Skill damage - all characters have's now better damage!

New config of starting items, and starting stats - now u get MORE stat points for start, and little wings in your eq!

Anty-Hack protection, no lags, no donate, no vip sub!

Server Rates

Jewels :
Bless: 100%
Soul: 50%
Soul with luck: 75%
Life: 75%

Chaos machin :
+10 - 80% | + luck: 85%
+11 - 70% | + luck: 75%
+12 - 60% | + luck: 65%
+13 - 50% | + luck: 55%
+14 - 40% | + luck: 45%
+15 - 30% | + luck: 35%

*chaos machine rates can be increased up to 10% by using Talisman of Luck

Reset System
Reset system is devided into 2,Resets and progress.
each progress gives you 300 points and after 10 progresses you can have a reset.
each reset you gain 1k points.

formula to know how much points you need to gain after progress : progress*300

formula to know how much points you need to gain after reset : resets*1000

formula to know what level you need to progress/reset - ((resets+progress)*10)+300 OR level 400 in case formula is bigger then 400.

so for your first progress you need level 300.
for second progress you need level 310.
and so on.

notes about reset system -

  1. every reset/progress remove your stats.
  2. after 20th reset you do not lose any stats and do not gain any stats either.
  3. points mentioned above are the default formula,for specific class visit our guide section.


Eternal War Network - Homepage
Eternal War Network - Community
Eternal War X
Eternal War X - Downloads
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Eternal War Network X | Exp: 100x | Drop: 25% | Season 6 Episode 2 |
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