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 MuOnline private server Season 4 Ep 2 [24/7] Exp 1500x drop 20%.

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: MuOnline private server Season 4 Ep 2 [24/7] Exp 1500x drop 20%.   Št. 07 14, 2012 12:14 pm

MuOnline private server Season 4 Ep 2 [24/7] Exp 1500x drop 20%. Server working on powerfull dedicated server. So
there is no LAG.


# Server name Insane - Mu
# Server started work from - 2009/06/29.
# Server up time - 24/7
# Server max stats - balanced.
# Server version - Season 4 Episode 2.
# Server EXPERIENCE - 1500x
# Drop rate - 20%
# Reset from 400 level.
# After reset stats stay.
# When you do reset you will get 300 level up points.
# Server web adress - ONLINE-MU.EU
# Game Client adress -

# server comands: /addagi 1, /addene 1, addvit 1
/addstr 1, /addcmd. To enter crywolf /warp crywolf.
[To check online count /online.


#All Character can wear all new weapons mode
#All weapons one handed mode
#Blood Castle
#Castle Siege
#Chaos Castle
#Devil Squere
#GM regular events
#Golden Dragon Invazion
#White Wizard Invazion
#Red Dragon Invazion
#Stadium Arena
#Illiusion Temple



How to get START BONUS:

To get start bonus you need register new account, log in in to
the WebShop once, connect to the game and create new
character (do not enter game) after it you must log out for
equally for 1 minute.
Now you have + 250 Free Credits - Buy F.O. items from Webshop.
Now You have + 1 000 Stats points & 50 mln zen on you character.

# Daily week NOLIFER event!!!

Nolifer Event Information:

Each week on Mondays at 12:01 PM Time Character who makes the most Resets WINS NOLIFER PRIZE.
Whois leading on this week? Look at web home page "Nolifer" section.

Nolifer Prize:
Player will automatically receive 2 500 Credits!!!

NoLifer Start and End:
Nolifer Event begins each Monday at 12:00 PM Time and ends at next Monday at 12:00 PM.
Each Monday all Week Resets will be cleared to 0 and everything starts all over again.

Where I can see Week Top?
You can found Top 10 Week Resets at home website page on left side.

Serveris made in LITHUANIA!
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MuOnline private server Season 4 Ep 2 [24/7] Exp 1500x drop 20%.
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